4 Months with Dom


I can't believe it, Dom is 4 months old! Life with Dom has gotten better and better and it's SUCH a joy to see how he grows and changes with each passing day! 

He just had his 4 month appointment and he now weighs 13lbs 9oz and is 24" long! He is now wearing 3-6 month clothes and even those are starting to look tight! He started waking up every few hours when he turned 3 months old and I wrote it off as a growth spurt but then he continued to wake up very frequently. Alex and I decided to do some sleep training and start letting him cry it out at night, and he immediately improved a TON. I took away the swaddle so that he could suck on his hands and he quickly learned to suck his thumb. He went from waking up multiple times a night to waking up twice (typically at about 1am and 4:30am) to eat and then go back to sleep. I'm thankful he's sleeping so much better and I'm hoping this continues and that he doesn't go through the 4 month sleep regression I keep hearing so much about!

Dom loves:

  • Thankfully he seems to love his bath time again!
  • Grabbing everything...especially my shirts and hair (he's pulled out a LOT of my hair)
  • His bouncy seat...he LOVES being bounced and will often fall asleep that way for his last nap of the day
  • Pacifier. He now loves sucking on pacis during the day and seems to always want something in his mouth!

Dom doesn't love:

  • He still doesn't like tummy time but I think he's starting to get more used to it
  • Loud noises. Perhaps it's because we don't have other kids but when we go to church or are in large groups and there's a loud noise or he's around a lot of kids and loud noises for a while, sometimes he'll freak out and burst into tears and I have to bring him into a quiet room. I'm hoping this starts to change as he's able to handle more stimulation!

Firsts this month:

  • Sucking on his thumb
  • Falling asleep on his own! I now put him in his crib awake at night and he falls asleep on his own and I also put him down awake for most of his naps.
  • He learned how to splash water with his feet in the bath and splashes everywhere now!
  • Laughing much harder than he ever has
  • He has started reaching and grasping and can push his paci back in (yes!!)

Tanglewood Park | Allen Family | A Winston-Salem, NC Lifestyle Photographer

People often ask if I photograph families and the answer is, "yes, absolutely!" I don't post many of the family sessions I shoot simply because weddings are my focus, but I love to photograph families and children!!

Today I am sharing one of my favorite families in the whole world! I photographed the Allens at Tanglewood park this past fall and we had so much fun! The Allens actually moved to Winston-Salem with Alex and I to be a part of our core team and to help us plant Emmanuel church. They have been INVALUABLE to the church and to both me and Alex personally. We frequently say that we can not imagine planting this church without them! We love their whole family and so I was especially thankful to be able to photograph them! Here's a few of my favorites from their session:

Millford Plantation | Emily's Bridal Portraits | A Sumter, SC Wedding Photographer

I am so excited to share Emily's bridals with you! Emily was a stunning bride and she chose a gorgeous location to take her pictures. We met at Millford Plantation in South Carolina on a much warmer, earlier fall day. :) We were able to get some great light and capture pictures at golden hour. Here are a few of my favorites from her session: