2 Months with Dom

Dominic DiPrima 2 Months

I can hardly believe we've already had 2 months with Dom!!! It's cliche but it really is true that "the days are long but the years are short." Except with a newborn the days aren't even long, it's more like one quick chunk of time where each 24 hour day runs into the other and is broken up into 3 hour segments of feeding, sleeping (or more like...trying to get the baby to sleep!), and changing lot of diapers! Each day has truly flown by and even though we've had some good days and some more tiring ones, they've truly all been a blessing because Dom brings so much joy into our lives!

Weeks 3-6 had some tough moments with him. He would cry and scream inconsolably for several hours a day a few times a week. He would arch his back, clench his fists, and turn really red. It was so sad! When he turned 6 weeks I finally took him to the pediatrician. I assumed he just had colic and that there was nothing I could do about it. But after talking with several people I realized he actually may have Acid Reflux and that there might be some medicine that could help him. I told the doctor what was going on and got him a prescription for reflux medicine and I'm telling you, as soon as he started taking it he was a totally different baby. I was SO thankful! We haven't had a bout of inconsolable crying since he started the medicine! He also started to sleep much better at night and didn't have to be held 24/7. I think he was wanting to be held constantly before because he was usually in pain, poor baby.

At two months, Dom is:

10lbs (he basically doubled his birth weight!!) and 22"

Dom loves:

  • Smiling! At around 6 weeks he started smiling in response to us and he has been smiling ever since! He smiles back at me and Alex multiple times a day and it makes me so happy!
  • Baths. This boy loves baths! When he starts to get a little fussy in the evening, as soon as I turn the bath water on he calms right down!
  • Being held. Dom is a serious cuddler! It's been a struggle to get him to not have to be held for naps but we're slowly getting there! Every time I burp him, he always scoots down on my shoulder so he can get his head closer to mine. It melts my heart! 
  • Eating. Seriously, he's gained over an ounce a day and I feel like he pretty much eats 24/7. :)
  • The Solly Baby Wrap. Seriously, it's been a LIFESAVER. On days when he just wants to be held, I put him in the wrap and he sleeps great. I also put him in the wrap pretty much any time I go anywhere!
  • The Rock n'play. While his sleeping preference is definitely to be held, he does well in the Rock n'play at night especially! I'd love for him to be sleeping in his crib but for now, the rock n'play has been a life saver since it's elevated and that helps him with his reflux. I'll probably try to start the transition to the crib this month.
  • His daddy! Dom loves sitting with Alex and coos and smiles at all the silly faces and noises Alex makes.
  • The MamaRoo. He doesn't typically fall asleep in the MamaRoo but he LOVES swinging on the fastest setting and staring at the mobile. He started noticing mobiles at about 6 weeks and it's SO fun to watch him smiling and kick his legs while he's swinging!

Dom doesn't love:

  • Getting his clothes changed!
  • His paci. He liked the paci for several weeks but then he just became pretty uninterested in it. I think he's going to suck his thumb as soon as he can find his hands!
  • Getting OUT of the bath. He HATES getting out of the bath and feeling the cold. I've learned some tricks to try and keep him warmer and happier (thank you space heater) but he still hates getting out of the bath.

I regret not doing a better job documenting all of our visitors over the past 2 months but here's some of my favorite memories captured on my camera & on iPhones:

iPhone Pictures (some taken by me and some by Alex...click the image to view it larger):