Fashion Friday: 7 Essentials to Pack for Traveling

Today I'm sharing with you a few of the essentials I am packing for my trip to London! Over the next few weeks, I'll do more posts on a few specific outfits I wore while in London. For now, here's a few things you should be sure to pack if you're traveling in the next few months:

1) A Comfortable Pair of Shoes
A comfortable pair of shoes is really important, especially when traveling to Europe or places you'll be walking a lot! I wanted to be really comfortable when walking around London but I also didn't want to stand out like an American in tennis shoes. I studied abroad in London several years ago, and one thing I quickly learned is that Europeans only wear tennis shoes and athletic gear when they're working out! To give myself a few options I am bringing a pair of flats, booties, and riding boots.

2) A Good Water Bottle
When you're traveling and walking around a lot, you need to be sure to drink water! I LOVE my new Swell bottle that I purchased at Target! You can use it for hot or cold drinks and it keeps them hot/cold all day. I'm also prone to spilling my drinks easily and this bottle doesn't spill in my bag!

3) A Selfie Stick
A selfie stick is essential when it's just you and your significant other (or friend) traveling together! I learned the hard way during out honeymoon when we'd visit gorgeous sites and there wasn't a person around to get a picture of my husband and I with the view in the background. This one is SO cute!

4) A Good Coat
A good coat is super important, especially when traveling somewhere as rainy as London! I really wanted to purchase a classic trench coat like this one before my trip, but that's not in the budget right now and so I'll be sticking to a military style coat. A great coat like a trench coat is always a great addition to your wardrobe because it is so classy and you know that it will never go out of style!

5) A Good Bag
You'll need a good bag with you when you travel to carry all of these things! I also REALLY wanted to buy this backpack before our trip, but I resisted! I am carrying everything around in a tote bag like this one. 

Sorry about the super low quality of this picture! I just wanted to give you an idea of what the   jumpsuit   looks like. I'll have a full outfit post on it soon but wanted to go ahead and share it since it's ON SALE FOR $32!!

Sorry about the super low quality of this picture! I just wanted to give you an idea of what the jumpsuit looks like. I'll have a full outfit post on it soon but wanted to go ahead and share it since it's ON SALE FOR $32!!

6) Neutral Clothing
Another thing I learned while studying abroad is that Europeans wear mostly neutrals which is perfectly find by me because most of my closet is neutral! Packing mostly neutrals also works great because then you know that everything will match! I brought a few tops like this striped one, this cami, and this tunic. In addition, I'm really excited to wear this jumpsuit I just purchased ON SALE for $32!!!!!! It's super comfortable and cute! I've been searching everywhere for a jumpsuit that I could wear to shoot weddings, in Europe, etc. I wanted something comfortable but I didn't want it to be made of jersey material because I think that makes it look too casual. I also wanted something with a looser fit but not too loose (because then I just look like I'm drowning in it). I've looked a lot of places, and, in my opinion, this one is one of the best and one of the cheapest!

7) Your Favorite Lipstick
Don't forget your favorite lipstick so you look good in all of your vacation pictures! I recently tried Mac lipstick for the first time and all the hype you hear about them is true. I'm OBSESSED! One of my favorite colors is "Twig" and that's what I brought with me on this trip! I like "Twig" because it's a great mauve, semi-matte lip color that is little darker than my natural lips and so it gives me some great color without being too dramatic. 

Alex and I are having a great time! I can't wait to share more pictures with you soon!

Flats: Old Navy (  Similar  ); Purse: Banana Republic (  Similar   and   similar  ); Water Bottle: Swell (  Same  ); Selfie Stick: Target (  Similar  ...this one is so cute); Lipstick: Mac (  Same  ...color is "Twig"); Striped Top One: Old Navy (  Similar  ); Striped Top Two: BP (  Similar  )

Flats: Old Navy (Similar); Purse: Banana Republic (Similar and similar); Water Bottle: Swell (Same); Selfie Stick: Target (Similar...this one is so cute); Lipstick: Mac (Same...color is "Twig"); Striped Top One: Old Navy (Similar); Striped Top Two: BP (Similar)

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