7 Months With Dom


Well I'm just now managing to post Dom's 7 month update one week before he'll be 8 months because this is one of my busiest seasons of the year! Better late than never, right?!

Dom currently weights 16lbs 9oz and he still wears 6-9 month clothing. Dom is so much fun and it's been amazing to watch him change and grow! I feel like he changed a lot this month and has shown a lot more personality. I would say that, overall, he's a very laid back baby who seems to love people!

Dom loves: 

  • This video...haha
  • His doorway jumper
  • Ice cubes (I put them into a baby food strainer) 
  • Sitting with mommy and daddy on the patio
  • Bananas (but thankfully he's eaten everything I've given him...bananas still seem to be his fave though!)
  • Anything crinkly, especially plastic bags
  • Being tickled by daddy
  • When we count to five (random, I know!)

Dom doesn't love:

  • When mommy walks out of the room (he's started getting a little seperation anxiety)
  • Formula; I've needing to start supplementing some formula for breastmilk and unfortunately he has refused to drink it so far! 
  • When mommy & daddy are eating and he doesn't have food
  • Being put down for a nap...he's always fighting sleep! 
  • Sudden, loud noises

Firsts this month:

  • Sitting up on his own! He still falls down a lot but he started being able to completely sit up with no support this month...woo hoo!
  • This month he tried prunes and spinach for the first time and likes them all.
  • Went to the splash pad for the first time and he wasn't a big fan...I think he didn't like the cold water. I'm hoping to take him to the pool for the first time soon!