9 Months with Dom

Dom 9 months

I may or may not have missed Dom's 8 month pictures and taken both his eight and nine month pictures today....terrible I know! A LOT has changed in the last two months.

Dom weights 18lbs & 2oz and is 27.5 inches long. He started crawling at around 8 months and crawls crazy fast now! He's also pulling up on everything and he is officially weaned completely from breastfeeding and eating formula & 3 meals of solid foods a day. He also got his first two teeth a few weeks ago (the bottom front two teeth).

One other big update: He started sleeping completely through the night at about 8 months!!!! I honestly think that weaning him from nursing helped because he no longer expected to nurse in the middle of the night. Also, I let him cry it out several times and he eventually learned. He now *usually* sleeps 12 uninterrupted hours at night...it's been life changing!

Dom loves:

  • Bananas and fruit purees (his favorite meals is still bananas with oatmeal)
  • Crawling EVERYWHERE
  • Playing with everything he's not allowed to touch, mainly cords and electrical outlets :)
  • Playing with his toys in the bath
  • Going for walks in his stroller
  • Teething crackers
  • The beach! He went on his first beach trip and did great!

Dom doesn't like:

  • Non-pureed food...I've been trying really hard to get him to eat pieces of avocado, puffs...anything! And he freaks out if it's not pureed, I guess he doesn't have chewing down yet!
  • Men in hats...he seems to have a fear of men in hats or men who make abrupt noises...haha!

Dom's current schedule is as follows:

7:30am- Wake up and have bottle of formula

8:30am- Breakfast (usually oatmeal and bananas or greek yogurt with fruit)

9am- Nap

11am- Second bottle

12pm- Lunch (usually 4oz of fruits/veggies)

1pm- Second nap

3pm- Third bottle

4pm- Dinner (usually 4oz of fruits/veggies/meat)

6pm- Bath and fourth bottle

7pm- Bed