Currently Loving 05.05

Spring is certainly here and I'm loving all of the new spring/summer fashions out there! A few things I've been loving lately are:
1) Cute sundresses like this one and this one
2) Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses like this one, this one, and this one
3) White jeans (I hope to buy these soon)
4) Scalloped bathing suits like this bikini and this one piece
5) Bright clutches like this one
6) Cork wedges like these (on sale!) and a dupe for this more expensive version
7) Anything gingham! I love this cami, this top, and this dress
8) Contouring (I recently bought the LORAC Contour Palette for a wedding I was in and it is AMAZING!! This contour palette will help you achieve the perfect summer glow without frying yours skin in the sun)
9) Mules and open toed booties like these and these
10) Midi skirts (i've been hunting for the perfect, inexpensive midi skirt and haven't found one's one good and inexpensive option)

Spring Fashion Essentials