Downtown Charleston, SC Anniversary Session | Sammi & Joey | A Charleston, SC Photographer

Alex and I and Sammi and Joey went to Charleston a few weeks ago to shoot Lauren and Sudeep's beautiful wedding. Lauren is a close personal friend of mine and Sammi's and so we were invited to the rehearsal dinner in downtown Charleston. I absolutely love Charleston and so the idea came to me to do an anniversary session swap with Sammi and Joey! Alex and I and Sammi and Joey got married within a month of each other last August/September and so we both have our one year anniversaries coming up (which is hard to believe!). We spent about an hour and walked around the streets of Charleston and traded off taking pictures of one another. It was extremely hot and Joey and Alex were super patient as Sammi and I stopped them on pretty much every corner to take pictures. :) Despite the heat, I had a blast and I'm so happy with the pictures I got of Sammi and Joey! 

Sammi and Joey- y'all are such a blessing to us! We're so thankful for you and for your Christ-centered marriage! I hope you enjoy these pictures.