Friday Feature: Katy Osborne with All About That Hair NC

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All About That Hair NC

Katy Osborne

Please introduce yourself and your business:
Hi, my name is Katy Osborne. I am 24 years old and a Gibsonville native. I am currently engaged to my wonderful fiancé Chris. I have no children, but I do have three lovely rescue cats that I care for deeply. I enjoy the simple things in life, like hiking, fishing, and swinging in my hammock.

I am a hair stylist and make-up artist at Urban Chic Studio in Burlington NC and wonder of All About That Hair NC. I have been working in a salon for three years now, and have enjoyed every bit of it. I have worked in the make-up industry for almost seven years. I got a passion for hair and make-up at a young age. The way it can completely transform someone is what hooked me. But most of all it is the smile you get when a client looks in the mirror for the first time after you are done. And the genuine gratitude you receive for helping someone achieve the look they so desired. I love to do everything from bridal hair and make up, to trying the newest color trends and cuts! I recently started a blog on all things hair and make-up. I have really enjoyed putting some of my time into sharing my passion with everyone to see!

Why did you start my creative small business?
There are many factors that made me want to pursue this career. As a child, I got to watch my talented mother do make-up artistry. I immediately became fascinated with the art of making people the best possible version of themselves. After many years of being in the make-up industry and completing beauty school, I decided to start out on my own beauty journey. Since then I have branched outside of just working in a salon and have started doing freelance hair and make up for photo shoots and weddings. I started doing my blog as a way to interact with my clients and to expand my knowledge with those who may also be interested in this industry.

What does an average day look like for you? What things/responsibility are you juggling?
Usually my morning starts off pretty early. I am a little bit of a busy body so I can always find something to do before I go into work. Before I go into work I always like to take some time to drink a cup of coffee and try to post a blog. When I get into the salon I usually work a full day of making people beautiful. Once I am off, I usually spend my nights either with my wonderful fiancé, friends or family.

What has been a struggle for you as a creative small business owner?
I think with any business it is always hard to set yourself apart from everyone else in your trade. Being in a profession where there are so many other hair stylists and make-up artists it was really a struggle, at first, trying to figure out how to make myself different from the other talented professionals. Another struggle is getting your services out to the public. It is easy to grow once you have built a positive reputation for yourself but getting there can be challenging at first.

What has been a joy for you as a creative small business owner?
My greatest joy is getting to work with my clients. I enjoy getting to establish individual relationships with each of them. They are the most rewarding part of my job.

What resources or tools have helped you in your business?
Taking continuing education classes is an important part of keeping your skills up to date. With all the new trends that pop up every year, its crucial to constantly be challenging yourself to learn all that you can so that you don't fall behind. Another great resource is to network with those in your particular field. I find myself learning tricks and tips from stylists who have been doing hair much longer than I have. Watching others and asking questions is a great way to build knowledge.

What tips do you have for readers who have (or want to start) a creative small business?
Networking is a great way to meet other small business owners and new people. Get involved. Join some local small business groups and ask questions on what they did to grow their business. When I decided to step outside of my box and join a local small business owners group, I met some of the most creative people with some amazing ideas. Not only did they have great ideas on how to help grow my business, but they also used me as a reference if anyone needed someone for a hair or make up job. A great way to grow your business is by growing your network!

What wedding day hair and makeup tips do you have for future brides reading this blog?
For the wedding hair, it is always best to wash your hair the night before. The less heat that you can put on your hair the better. Worried about your hair being greasy? That's nothing a little dry shampoo can't fix! And always make sure to do at least one trial run before the wedding. This will help the bride feel so much more at ease on her big day!

When it comes to make up, I like to tell my brides to think of one thing they really want to accentuate. If you want a bold lip, maybe do a more natural looking eye. If you want to play up your eyes, try doing a soft lip in a nude pink. Lashes are always my best friend when it comes to bridal make up. They are really great to use even if it is just for the pictures. It makes such a big difference.

What is your favorite clothing store?
I love going to little boutiques and shopping. BoHo Blu is one of my favorite go to stores! But you can never go wrong with Belk either because they carry most of my favorite purse brands! I tend to get into a little trouble every time I go there!

Is there anything else you'd like to share with my readers?
Check out my blog and instagram! I would love to hear from you!

Instagram: @AllAboutThatHair.NC