Lauren & Sudeep's Engagement Session in Downtown Charleston | A Charleston, SC Photographer

I am so excited to share this session with you! Mainly for two reasons: first, I absolutely LOVE this couple and second, I LOVE that we got to take their pictures downtown Charleston! I met Lauren at Clemson several years ago and we built a very sweet friendship. Lauren and I had the chance to spend a summer in India together and I feel like I've experienced so many adventures with her! Lauren also became my running accountability partner and she helped me train for and run my first half marathon! Through running together most mornings of the week, we were able to talk regularly and really live life together. I loved it and I missed her greatly when she moved from Clemson to Charleston to start attending MUSC. 

I really enjoyed hearing about Sudeep when Lauren first met him (and how she was totally not interested in him...right... haha!). Slowly over time as Lauren and Sudeep began talking and dating, I was more and more impressed with him based on the things Lauren told me and the way that he pursued her. It was a blessing for me to hear about and watch their relationship from a distance. Lauren is an incredibly loyal, kind, deep, and caring person who's friendship I treasure greatly and so I was extremely happy to see her fall in love with a wonderful, godly man!

Lauren, Sudeep, and I met downtown Charleston bright and early at 6:45am on a very warm Friday morning. In spite of the warmth and the earliness of their session, we had a wonderful time and I absolutely loved getting to capture Lauren and Sudeep just days before they got married! I just adore Charleston as well. I think I literally stopped Sudeep and Lauren about every minute because I loved every street we turned down! Charleston really is a city where each street is more beautiful than the next. Shooting downtown was a dream and something that's been on my bucket list for a while. If anyone has any more Charleston sessions or weddings they need a photographer for, I'm your girl!! :)  I hope that you enjoy these pictures and that they wet your appetite for their beautiful Charleston wedding pictures that will be coming soon!

Lauren and Sudeep, if you're reading this I hope you are having an absolutely wonderful time on your honeymoon! I'm praying this week would be the start to a Christ-exalting marriage.