Mrs. Caroline Brooks | Bridal Portraits at the Wyche Pavilion | A Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer

Caroline and I planned to do her bridal portraits at Bald Rock. We regularly checked the weather and the chance of rain kept increasing. We started to think through backup options and had a hard time deciding where to go because we really wanted her portraits to be naturally lit. Finally, going to the Wyche Pavilion dawned on me! I love the Wyche Pavilion in downtown Greenville, SC and I've always enjoyed taking pictures there. This Pavilion is actually right next to the venue where my husband and I had our reception (the Certus Loft). I'm so glad we came up with a backup option because it poured rain the entire day of Caroline's portraits. It rained so much there was even a flood warning! Caroline kept a great attitude about the weather even though she had to walk through downtown Greenville in her dress in the POURING rain (not an easy task!). I told her that all the rain hopefully meant she would have a beautiful wedding day and we we right! Her wedding day weather was perfect and 75 and sunny. Despite the weather, I think her bridal portraits turned out beautifully and I'm so happy with our location decision!

Here's some of my favorite pictures of Caroline (I can't wait to share wedding pictures with you soon!!):