My Baby Registry List

My Baby Registry List

I have probably spent WAY too much time researching what to put on our baby registry, but I have enjoyed it! Based on a Facebook poll, lots of Pinterest articles, asking friends, and blogs, I have come up with my baby registry list. I'm certainly no expert since I haven't even had a baby yet, but I wanted to share some of my research with you because I found it SO helpful when I was first trying to figure everything out.  I will also do an updated post once we've had Baby DiPrima to share what my favorite registry items ended up being, what I could have gone without, and what I wish I had gotten. I know every baby is unique and so a list that works perfectly for one mom won't necessarily work perfectly for me. I look forward to learning and figure out exactly what my baby likes!

First of all, I decided to register at Amazon and Target. I really debated about Amazon because I was nervous people would want to go into a physical store. But so far that hasn't seemed to be much of a problem (except maybe for a few older relatives!) and it has been much easier for out of town friends and family! And these days with Amazon Prime, it seems like many people prefer to shop online rather than go into a store anyway. I registered for most things at Amazon because they are usually less expensive on Amazon and Amazon has the largest selection. I also love Amazon's registry benefits which include a one time 15% completion discount and a $100 diapers and wipes credit if $1000 is spent from your registry. Another cool thing about Amazon's registry is that you can add items from other websites (so I was able to list a few items from Etsy, Land of Nod, etc.). The other place I decided to register was Target. I ended up double registering for some things in case people prefer to purchase them in person rather than on Amazon. I really debated back and forth between Target and Babies R'Us but I landed on Target because Target is convenient for most everyone and because they have really cute nursery items, bedding, clothes, etc. I also like that Target has a one time 15% registry completion discount. The downside of Target is that they don't have a huge in store selection but I did my best to try and select as many items available in stores as possible.

If you'd like to see my full registry, you can find them online at Amazon and Target.

Without further ado, here's some of my top registry items:


City Select StrollerThis was one of the items I did the most research about. After talking with several friends and reading lots and lots of reviews, I decided the City Select Stroller sounded like the best fit for our family. I love the City Select Stroller because it has 16 different configurations and you can attach an infant car seat, buy the second seat to turn it into a double stroller, etc. The options are endless and it really seems like a great fit for a growing family. I felt that, while in the short term this is more money than a lot of strollers, it will hopefully save us money in the long term because, Lord willing if we have other children, we shouldn't have to buy a separate double stroller. If you'd like a less expensive option or don't feel you need one that can later be converted to a double, I've heard great things about the Baby Jogger City Mini GT.

Chicco Keyfit Car SeatI also did a ton of research about the car seat! I ended up choosing the Chicco Keyfit because it has great reviews, I have several friends who love it, and I've heard it's lightweight and easy to use. There's an adapter you can purchase with the City Select stroller to add this car seat to it.

Skip Hop Diaper BagI heard from many people to consider getting a backpack diaper bag so I can have my hands free. I absolutely LOVE how chic this bag is and I can't wait to use! 

Ergo Baby CarrierA friend ended up giving me her Ergo Baby carrier and I can't wait to use it! I've heard this is an amazing carrier and is great when you're baby gets a little older.

Solly Baby Wrap: I think the Solly Baby Wraps are GORGEOUS and I love the idea of keeping my baby close to me when he's very little. I've heard these wraps are great for young babies before you want to put them in the ergo.

4moms Breeze PlayardThis was an item I debated a ton about. It's definitely a splurge and I know there are certainly other great and much less expensive playards out there. I had actually originally registered for a less expensive Graco pack n'play and changed my mind but if we don't end up getting it, I know there's other great options! One of my good friends shared with me that she thinks it's worth investing in some of the key baby items you'll use over and over again because they'll last longer, be more user friendly, and hopefully help us get through multiple children. This playard has amazing reviews and I love that it is simply, looks minimalistic, is safe for newborns and toddlers, and, most importantly, it's supposed to pack up in a "breeze!" The playard is something I imagine we'll use a lot, potentially in the beginning as a bassinet and then later for travelling, taking naps away from home, etc. 

Gear and Toys:

Fisher Price Rock'n'playThis is one of those items I heard over and over again that we MUST have. I plan to put baby DiPrima in the Rock'n'play during the first several weeks and keep him in our room. I know I will also use it a ton for naps and as a place to put him down when I need my hands free. One friend gave me good advice to be sure I get one that plugs into an electrical outlet so I'm not having to change the batteries out all the time.

4moms Mamaroo:  I've heard amazing things about the Mamaroo and I love that it is compact, nice looking, and is both a swing and bouncer in one. Whenever possible, I'm trying to cut down on the number of things we get and get items that double up for multiple purposes. I love that this has multiple settings and can be connected to music through your iPhone!

Skip Hop PlaymatI love Skip Hop items and loved the simple look of this playmat! 

Sophie La GiraffeI've heard over and over again that this is often baby's favorite toy and is great for teething. I also love how adorable it is!

Infant Optics Baby MonitorI originally registered for the Motorola monitor (which I've heard very good things about!) but switched to this monitor because of all the amazing reviews on Amazon. I like that this one pans and tilts and, unlike the motorola monitor, you can add different lenses (wide angle, zoom, etc.) if needed. I've also heard the battery life is much better than motorola and other options out there.

Hatch Baby RestThis just seems like the coolest little gadget to me! It is a sound machine and night light that can be controlled remotely from your phone. You can use it as a soft light for nighttime feedings, brighter lighter for when it's ok to wake, etc. You can also change the color of the light, sounds, and volume to help establish healthy sleep routines.

Dock-A-TotAgain, this is certainly not a necessity, but I have heard AMAZING things about the dock-a-tot. You can use it for co-sleeping (which I don't plan to do but like that I would have the option), as well as a lounger and you can put it in the crib to create a more cozy "womb-like" environment. 

Feeding and Diapering: 

Skip Hop High ChairI told you I love the Skip Hop brand! ;) I absolutely LOVED the look of this high chair and if it's going to have to sit in my kitchen for several years, I'd like to not hate the way it looks. While it's beautiful, it also has good reviews, seems very easy to clean, and can be converted to a toddler booster seat. We have an island where we eat a lot of our meals so I plan to pull this up to the island. In addition, a friend also gave me this type of seat that I plan to strap into our dining room table chair and also to use for travel.

Milk SnobI think this is so cute and I love that it can be used as a nursing cover or as a car seat cover!

My Brest Friend PillowI've heard from a ton of people that they prefer this to the boppy for breast feeding. It sounds like it provides great support.

Medela Pump in StyleAfter hearing many great things, this is the pump I ended up getting! I got the pump for free from my health insurance so be sure to check with your insurance! I didn't get the accessories so I registered for a cooler, car charger, and battery charger as well because I'm going to have to pump while shooting weddings.

Tommee Tippee & Dr. Brown's BottlesI've heard so many different things about so many bottles and I know it's one of those things we're just going to have to try out and see what baby DiPrima like the best! These are the 2 I have consistently heard good things about for breast feeding moms because they both release milk slowly. I have heard the Tommee Tippee bottles are easier to clean! 

Baby BeabaThis isn't a must have but it would be nice to have! I'd like to make my own baby food and I LOVE that this both steams food (even meat!) and purees it. I'm all about anything that's going to cut down on time in the kitchen and make my life easier!

Aden & Anais BurpiesI also love everything Aden & Anais! I've heard these burpies are amazing and they are so cute and can also be used as bibs! 

Dekor Diaper GenieI like the look of this diaper genie and I like that it can take regular trash bags. I've also heard great things about the Ubbi diaper pail but I decided it wasn't worth it to me to splurge on the genie since I'm not sure if we'll end up wanting one (I have a feeling we will but I've also heard from others they prefered just to put diapers in the outside trash can right away).

Postpartum Nursing Essentials: I wrote a blog already on some of the postpartum clothing items I've wanted so I won't go into all of that. But scroll on the widget below to see lots of other suggestions for postpartum nursing essentials like these camis, these bras, nursing pads, steam bags (for quickly sterilizing pump parts in the microwave), etc.

Safety & Bath:

HumidifierI love the look of this humidifier and I definitely think it will come in handy fighting off sickness! I felt that this was especially important to get since we'll be having a baby just as winter and flu season are beginning.

NoseFridaI've heard this is a must have to get rid of baby boogers (it still weirds me out that you do that by sucking on it buuuut I guess that's #momlife). I've heard it's very important because babies get boogers and colds so easily and they really need to have clear nasal passages to breastfeed well. Also, thankfully, this doesn't actually get their boogers anywhere near your moth. ;)

EurobathThis has great reviews and I've heard it's an amazing baby bath! I love that it's large and can be used from 0-24 months

Baby Care KitThis kit includes all the essentials you need to do things like trim nails, dispense medicine, comb hair etc. 

Rectal ThermometerIt sounds sad but I've read that in the beginning it's best to use a rectal thermometer because that will give you the most accurate reading of the baby's temperature. 


Now for a final, few miscellaneous things! I didn't register for many clothes, blankets, diapers, or books because I was told that people would automatically get those things. So far that has been true! However, there were some miscellaneous things that I wanted to be sure to get:

Zip-front Play N'SleepersI've heard from several people to be sure to have a lot of footed play n'sleepers that ZIP up (no snap up ones). That makes total sense to me because in the middle of the night, I know the last thing I'm going to want to do is snap up PJs.

SwaddleMe SwaddlersAs you'll notice, I registered for several different kinds of swaddles. I've heard from many people that I'll learn which kind I prefer and I may prefer to use different swaddles at different stages in baby's development. I've also heard you can never have too many swaddles or blankets! I've heard these swaddlers are amazing because they just velcro!

Aden + Anais SwaddlesI've heard so many great things about these and about how soft they are, how well they hold up, and that they can be used to swaddle, used as blankets, and used as nursing covers.

Halo SleepsackI believe this is the type of swaddle hospitals recommend and I've also heard from several that it's what their baby liked best! I also like that it just zips up.

Wubbanub PaciI think these are so cute and I've heard from so many how much their kids love these! 

Waterproof linersI registered for waterproof liners for our changing pad, crib, king mattress (in case my water breaks or we do any co-sleeping), and waterproof playard sheets. #wewillstaydry

Dreft Stain RemoverI've heard this is the best stain remover for babies and I know we'll be needing a LOT of stain remover and detergent in the next year!

Baby BookI think this book is DARLING and I love how minimal and clean the design is! I also love that it is handmade by one woman who owns her own business.

Phew, so there you have it! There's all the major things I registered for! I hope you found this helpful if you're a soon to be mom or perhaps a mom having another child who wants to stay updated on the newest products out there. Do you have any favorite things you registered for or received that I missed? Do you have some of the items I listed? What do you think about them? I'd love to hear all about your thoughts!

P.S. If you're in a different season of life and currently creating a wedding registry, I created a post a while back on 8 Wedding Registry Essentials!