Sumter County Museum | Celia & Isaac's Wedding | A Sumter, SC Wedding Photographer

Celia and Isaac's wedding day was a beautiful, rustic, outdoor wedding filled with joy! I absolutely loved their venue at Sumter County Museum! Celia and her family and friends also did a great job decorating and thinking through all of the wedding details...everything was beautiful. Isaac is actually one my dear friends (Abbie) brother and so I've know the Ormond family for a while now. I really enjoyed getting to meet all of the extended family and getting to see sweet Clemson friends and one of my August 2016 couples (yay Jenna and Daniel!). I'm always so thankful for friends who are so supportive of my business and who give me the privilege of capturing their most important memories!

The forecast called for rain on Saturday but it looked likely that it would just pass through or rain in the morning before the ceremony was to begin. Thankfully, we were able to take all of the pictures we needed before the ceremony and there was no sign of rain. Just as the ceremony was beginning, it started to drizzle a little bit. A few minutes into the ceremony, it started POURING! While I've experienced rain on several wedding days, this is actually the first time I experienced pouring rain in the middle of a ceremony! Everyone grabbed their umbrellas and a man came over to Isaac and Celia and held an umbrella over them. Isaac and Celia took it all in stride and remained joyful throughout their ceremony and they didn't let the rain worry them. Thankfully, it stopped raining shortly after the ceremony was over and they were able to dance and do the rest of their reception as planned! I'm always so thankful for couples who remember that what is most important about their day is not whether or not it rains or how perfectly all the details fall into place, but rather, that at the end of the the day they'll be married! 

Congratulations Isaac and Celia! I hope you're enjoying your honeymoon and that have fun reliving your day through these pictures!

The Vendors Who Made This Day Possible:
Venue: Sumter County Museum
Photography: DiPrima Photography (Thank you to Leah Daughtery Photography for second shooting!)
Catering: Southern Pride Catering
Florals: Bride's Grandmother
Dress: Evelyn's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal