Tanglewood Park | Abbie & Brad | A Winston-Salem, NC Wedding Photographer

Today's engagement session is a very special one! During my time at Clemson, Abbie became one of my closest friends and we had the opportunity to live together for a couple of years (we were actually living together when Alex and I met and started dating!). Brad has been one of Alex's best friends for much of his life and he has become one of my good friends as well. I don't consider myself much of a matchmaker but knowing both Brad and Abbie, I really felt like that would make a good match. Alex and I introduced them and they began dating about a year ago and, clearly, it went well because their engaged to be married on August 18!!!!! I am SO overjoyed at how God has brought Abbie and Brad together and I know He will use them and their marriage for His glory. It's a wonderful thing to see two people that you love have so much joy in finding one another! 

I was honored to take their engagement pictures a few weeks ago. They wanted to have their pictures taken at tanglewood park because the chapel there is actually where Abbie's parents got married! Here's a few of my favorites from their session: