For Brides: Where Should I Print My Wedding Pictures?

Where Should I Print My Wedding Pictures?

I am ending this series with a post about printing wedding images because I think it's so important! In our day and age, everything has become so digital that people often loose sight of the significance of having tangible, printed things in front of them. There's just something about seeing your beautiful images in print and not just on a computer screen. And in my opinion, when you spend hundreds of dollars on wedding images, they deserve to be printed and displayed in your home! These are keepsakes you're going to treasure and pass on to the next generation.

What many people don't know is that you can tell a BIG difference between prints that come from a professional printing lab and prints that come from a consumer lab. Getting the color printed accurately on your images is very important and professional quality labs will give you drastically better results than other, cheaper options. Professional labs also offer higher quality photo paper, higher quality inks, and special coatings that ensure your images are resistant to things like finger prints, dust, and fading. In case you're still not convinced, here's a post by another photographer that shows you the difference between getting prints from a professional vs. a consumer lab.

I am happy to share with you that I offer professional prints directly through your PASS gallery. All you have to do is click "add to cart" on the image you want and then select the size and quantity. I also offer canvases and albums (I will do a post on this later but you can also tell a HUGE difference between canvases and albums from a professional lab versus a consumer lab).

Where To Get Pictures Printed

If professional prints aren't quite in your budget, here's a few good consumer labs I would recommend:

1. MPix
2. Nations Photo Lab

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