5 Months with Dom

Dom 5 Months

This month has been such a fun one with Dom! I feel like he's changed a lot this month and become much more interactive. He is super cheerful and usually content and Alex and I are SO thankful for such a sweet, fun baby!

He still wears 3-6 month clothes and still wakes up 2 times a night. :-/ I was hoping he'd be sleeping through the night by now but I can't really complain because other than waking to eat, he's become a great sleeper during the night. We also seemed to get through the four month sleep regression I've heard about very easily, I think that is thanks to the sleep training we did at 3.5 months (or maybe we just got lucky!).

Dom loves:

  • Talking- Dom is making LOTS of new and loves being social!
  • Being on his tummy- this is a very new development!
  • Toys- he's still not super into toys but he's definitely appreciating them more and he especially loves his activity center
  • Peekaboo- he currently finds peekaboo hilarious!
  • Bananas- he just had his first taste of solids recently and so far he LOVES bananas
  • Sucking on his hand
  • Rolling- ever since he figured out how to roll, he's pretty much obsessed with rolling and spends most of his wake time practicing his new skill!
  • Grabbing my hair...unfortunately!

Dom doesn't love

  • Being left alone- He's definitely very social and always wants to be in on the action!
  • Loud noises
  • Naps- he's still not a good napper and usually doesn't sleep more than 45 minutes. He also FIGHTS hard when I bring him to his room and turn the sound machine on because he knows that means a nap is coming!

Firsts this month:

  • Rolling- Dom is rolling over...woo hoo!!! We went through a difficult few weeks where he'd roll from his back to his front and get stuck and then wake me up. Thankfully now he can also roll from his tummy to his back, but it does still take him a lot of effort and he gets frustrated at times!
  • Solid food- Dom has had his first taste of solid food! We've just been experimenting a little and so far he has tried rice cereal,  bananas, and sweet potato. He's done really well with the spoon and has swallowed everything well so far. Currently bananas are his favorite!
  • High chair- I just started putting him in his high chair for very short periods of time recently. He seems a little freaked out by it.
  • Dom played in his activity center for the first time
  • Dom slept his first eight hour stretch this month...unfortunately it only happened once ;)

Other iPhone pictures from this month (thanks to Erin DiPrima & Alex for several of these!):