6 Months With Dom

Dom is six month old! He weighs 15lbs 3oz and is 26.5 inches long. Basically, he's long and skinny...no surprise there! ;)

Dom now wears 6-9 month clothes and he still wakes up two times (or the past week...several times...yikes!) a night. He's been waking up a lot more lately, I'm wondering if it's from teething. We put a pause on solids for a little while because he wasn't interested but he's just started showing more interest in the last week and so I'm trying to feed him one to two meals a day. 

Dom loves:

  • Music- he's gotten really into music this month. Specifically "Old McDonald" for calming him down and "The Stable Song" for going to sleep (what can I say, he has refined tastes?!)
  • Teething banana- he LOVES this
  • Real bananas ;)
  • Grabbing and chewing everything, especially his socks and toes!
  • Going on walks in his stroller
  • His activity center and doorway jumper (for about 15 minutes...then he gets tired)
  • Smiling- seriously, he pretty much smiles every time you look at him (unless he's hungry or tired!)
  • Making a pouty face- when he's not happy and smiling, he's often doing a super dramatic pouty face

Dom doesn't love:

  • Getting stuck on his tummy- Dom can roll front to back and back to front, but he seems to often forget that he can actually roll from his tummy onto his back. So he gets stuck and frustrated and cries until I flip him over. :)
  • Peas- so far, he just makes a grossed out face every time I try to feed them him!
  • Naps- yep, still not a good napper. ;) Most of his naps are STILL 45 minutes!

Firsts this month:

  • Sitting up unassisted (only last very briefly then he falls back over)
  • Holding a bottle on his own (with some help!)
  • Noticing food- he's noticing when we eat now and always seems like he wants some of whatever we're having!